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About Us

Based in Cape Town, LNL Homes provides turnkey solutions for home-owners. We craft beautiful spaces where memories are made. Be it the construction of new homes, or renovations and refurbishments, we work with excellence to provide peace of mind, and turn dreams to reality.

Our renovations include developing modern kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces; creating relaxing outdoors spaces (patios, pools and gardens); home maintenance and repairs, as well as cleaning, upholstery, gardening and more – giving you a home you are proud of, while increasing your property’s financial value.

At LNL Homes, we pride ourselves in our values of quality workmanship, transparency, efficiency and value for money.

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Our Process

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Stage 1

Visit our showhouse

Stage 2

Gather Client Requirements

Stage 3

Quotation and Timelines

Stage 4

Project Commences
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Visit our show-house

Before you embark on your renovation project or new home, we invite you to visit our show-house. This is where our relationship begins, where you get an understanding of our quality workmanship, get some inspiration, meet our lovely team, and establish trust.


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Gather Requirements

Every home has a personality, and it should reflect the personality of the home owner. During this stage, we conduct a site visit, and we invite you take us through your vision of your space. We gather all relevant information, and together, we go through ideas and concepts of how we will craft your dream home.
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Quotations and Timelines

Based on the previous meetings, conversations and ideas, we provide you with a quotation of the estimate costs of the project based on your budget, as well as the proposed timelines and the various phases of the project.
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Project Commences

Once you are happy with the quotation and proposed timelines, our team and tools are ready to get on site, ready to deliver a quality project, on time, on budget, and with satisfaction.

What We Do

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Construction & Renovations

Our construction and renovation services range from construction of new homes, to re-modelling and refurbishing, and maintenance. This includes modernisation of living spaces, kitchens and bathrooms, as well as associated services such as painting, plumbing, fittings and fixtures.


A great bathroom, small or large, is designed with flow, evoking relaxation, calm and intimate privacy.
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Landscaping and Exterior

A beautiful home is more than the interior. It starts with your driveway, to your external walls, and goes all the way to your back garden where you spend valuable time with family and friends. LNL Homes exterior work includes landscaping and gardening, high-pressure cleaning, paving, patios, decks, braais and swimming pools.
LNL Home - LNL Homes

Other Services

LNL Homes provides other home related services to ensure your home remains in pristine condition. These services include cleaning, upholstery, handyman services and other specialised home services. Get in touch to learn more.




Thank you LNL Group for giving us very superior service. From the first day on site, you displayed professionalism and excellence which carried throughout the refurbished and landscaping improvements of the property. It was a genuine delight to work with your employees and management who all took this as their personal project. They managed it as though it was their own property being worked on. The attention to detail and intentional, consistent feedback sessions helped to manage expectation and contributed to a beautifully finished project. Your scope knowledge of the work brought enough comfort that I was working with people who are on top of their game.

I would like to recommend your company to anyone who needs any of the services that you offer.



"When we got the initial quote, I had already started in my head to toy around the kind of phrases that I was gonna use when giving feedback upon completion of the project. I thought I'd write and say it was value for money given how reasonable the quote was. But fast forward a few days later and I can't even say so because I will be putting myself at the risk of missing heaven by telling a lie. It was more than value for money. But above all, you had on site a great team - both in terms of professionalism and personality. We were really impressed with bra Vusi - the kind of person he is and the quality of work he produces.

After 10 years of trotting from one service provider to another, we are happy to find one we can easily have as our go-to for any repair or maintenance work around the house and the apartments. The only other work that I am sure will be done by someone else from now on is what happens to be outside what you are able to do."